Documentary edits

Prince Harry in Africa – Big Earth for ITV, dir. Russ Malkin, 46 min
A documentary following HRH Prince Harry on his return to the African kingdom of Lesotho where he continues the work of Sentebale, the charity he established there a decade ago. Click here for reviews on The Guardian, Telegraph, The Sun.

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In Our Hands – Millie Harvey for Wellcome Trust/WHO, 27 min
In Our Hands is a public engagement project about the introduction of HIV self-testing in Malawi from a community perspective. It included a week long community video workshop and the production of a 27 minute film that was screened in eight locations for World AIDS Day 2017. The film is now available as an open access resource on the World Health Organisation website.

Fleeing Persecution – Vice New
The Rohingya people, a Muslim minority community, suffers from widespread persecution and discrimination in the majority Buddhist country of Myanmar. Violent sectarian clashes and rioting have destroyed villages and homes, leaving many Rohingyas with no option but to live in government-controlled camps for the internally displaced. The camps are overcrowded, and medical facilities are in short supply. VICE News travels to Myanmar to speak with the Rohingya people living in government-controlled camps, and also investigates what happens to those who flee the country and cross the dangerous seas to Malaysia.

100 women 2015: Life as a nurse in the CAR – Stephanie Hegarty, BBC World
Marie-Ange Koutou, 42, is a paediatric nurse’s assistant in the Medecins Sans Frontiers Hospital in Kabo, a remote rural village in the north of the Central African Republic. Kabo is one of the worst three places in the world for infant mortality. But the killing is not done by bombs and bullets, it’s caused by malnutrition and malaria as a direct result of decades of civil war. The film was part of the 100 Women series, BBC World and was produced by BBC journalist Stephanie Hegarty.

Life on a CIA Kill List in Pakistan – Vice News
Malik Jalal says he’s on a secret CIA kill list and has narrowly escaped death by drone four times. He is part of the North Waziristan Peace Committee (NWPC), which is based in a region of Pakistan that has seen more than 300 documented strikes, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. VICE News meets Malik Jalal in Pakistan and London to find out about a legal action he is pursuing to get his name stripped from the kill list — and prevent further drone strikes in North Waziristan.

Jewish Leaders in Paris Speak of Community in Fear – Vice News
In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe — several of which targeted Jewish institutions — some politicians and religious leaders have predicted an exodus of Jewish people from the continent. In some ways, the numbers stack up. Last year, a record 8,000 Jews arrived in Israel from France — with another 15,000 coming from Eastern Europe. VICE News heads to Paris to speak with representatives from the Jewish community about a reported rise in anti-Semitism in the French capital.

Women for Women International Gala Video 2015 – Millie Harvey, Women for Women International
The film focuses on the impact of Women for Women International in war-zones through an extensive use of archival footage mixed with personal and intimate stories. Screened in London at the WfWI Gala in September 2015, the filmed helped raising awareness about the importance of organizations supporting women in war-thorn countries.

Insecure Futures – Millie Harvey, ASAP
The Women’s Project was set up in response to the particular difficulties that women asylum seekers, who are in need of financial support and accommodation, face while in the UK.Insecure Futures highlights the experience of surviving on asylum support and the impact the asylum system can have on well-being.

In Our Hands: A participatory media project exploring HIV self testing – Millie Harvey
In Our Hands is a short film to introduce a participatory media project exploring HIV self-testing in urban Blantyre, Malawi. It is a collaboration between the Malawi-Liverpool Welcome Trust Clinical Research Unit and the Global Health Film Initiative.

If You Don’t Have Land, You Are Nothing – Millie Harvey, Women for Women International
A film about marginalised women’s access to land in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This film was made by women in Mumosho district, eastern DRC as part of a project funded by DFID. The participatory video project was designed and led by Millie Harvey.

An A-Z of Poverty – Sheila Hayman, Freedon from Torture
An A-Z of Poverty is a documentary commissioned by Freedom From Torture, a medical foundation and charity that provide direct clinical services to survivors of torture who arrive in the UK. Produced by BAFTA & Emmy Award winning producer Sheila Hayman and director Millie Harvey, the film explores the struggles of people recovering from torture in poverty and in an unfamiliar country.

Making a difference: Tarun Mathur and the Everest Challenge – Barclays Investment Bank
Tarun Mathur’s 21st anniversary of working at Barclays wasn’t just special because it marked a major milestone in his career. It was also his first day back at work after nine months spent successfully battling cancer. Everyone at Barclays was thrilled to be reunited with their friend, colleague and inspirational manager, and made him feel like he was coming home when he stepped back onto the trading floor.